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Planning and Sourcing

Basic objective of planning department is providing the materials needed for production by the information taken from customer representatives on time and ensuring the production flow with correct production planning.

Gelisim Tekstil takes care to choose suppliers that are best suited to their quality understanding while determining their suppliers to make production without sacrificing quality.

Supplied fabrics and accessories are made ready for processing by access control. The tests of fabrics and accessories are checked according to the standards required by the customers’ requests and regulations. After approval is given, the production department is allowed to use them.


Our cutting room has a capacity of 20.000-25.000 units per day. There are 4 pcs 22 mx2, 40 m long and 1 pc 17mx2m long cutting tables and we use automatic spreading machine. We use automatic cutter synchronized with our Gerber system as well. After cutting, each batch passes through 100% quality control and classification.


Gelisim Tekstil has a daily capacity of 10.000 pcs with its 6 sewing lines in house.  We are working to offer continuously the best quality to our customers with our staff of 270 employees in sewing part. There is a production system always renewing itself and machinery by following the newest technology with our expert staff.


We also have an in house washing facility established for some of our customers’ requirements with a daily capacity of 1500 kg for basic washing types.


All the sewn garments continue processes in natural flow like ironing, first quality control, 100% measurement check, optical control, labeling and packing. At this step, we take all the goods to metal detector conveyor band and continuously to scan & pack machine. The last steps are our QC’s final checks and customers final controls if needed.


We offer the most suitable options as quality, price and delivery date to our customers by increasing our capacity with our Adıyaman factory which is established in 2009.
We are working more than 350 employees in a 6000 m2 open, 3600 m2 closed area. We have a monthly capacity of 200.000-250.000 pcs in the company with our accessory warehouse, classification, sewing (6 sewing lines) , ironing and finishing departments.

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