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Gelisim Tekstil design team is one of the most value-adding departments in our company. We have a creative and dynamic design team which has a mission to develop collections for providing services to our customers to enable them to stand out from their competitors.
Moreover, the team is a global traveler which takes the pulse of fashion and trends to provide the best service to our clients and their aim is to make themselves be up to date. Our design department is consolidating with our sampling department to turn into a design center with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Economy.

We create with love…


The close collaboration of our design and R&D teams enables us to create up-to-date collections. For our R&D team, fashion and innovation are closely linked.Gelisim Tekstil R&D department believes that innovation is the key point of design, production and our productivity. Today, Gelisim Tekstil takes place in the top 250 companies in Turkey which have the highest spending on the R&D department in all sectors.


Gelisim Tekstil is aware of the importance of the sampling department as it is the origin of design and correct production.

For this reason, we have invested a lot in the sampling department, as well as in human resources and technical devices.

We have a large capacity for both unique and salesman samples. Our well-equipped and experienced team has the capability and flexibility for a vast variety of garment types in circular knitting.

Embroidery & Print

Gelisim Tekstil has the advantage of having in house embroidery and printing departments. Both departments have been awarded several times by Impressions Magazine in the U.S. and have received first place 3 years in a row. They can make use of several kinds of technics on any kind of circular garment. These facilities have in house print and embroidery graphic designers. Both departments have been approved by BSCI and several brands.


Gelisim Tekstil embroidery house provides services to our customers with its experienced and expertized staff who utilize several technics by 10 Barudan machines, one of which has 4 colors sequin stitching capability. We also have 2 cold cut presses, 1 sampling and 1 lamination machine. The monthly capacity is around 700,000 pieces.


Our printing house provides services to customers with the highest technology 4 pcs M&R printing machine which is able to print 12 to 22 different colors. They can make water-based, high density, discharge, pigment, CMYK and several more types of printing. The monthly print capacity is more than 750.000 pieces.

All the chemicals which are used are environment-friendly and we are proud to have a wastewater treatment facility.

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