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Planning And Supplying

Our planning and supplying department manages the production steps efficiently by using software that facilitates various production processes. It determines the procurement of raw materials, planning of production capacity, order tracking, inventory management, and delivery processes.

Our department creates a production plan taking into account demand forecasts, customer orders and production capacity. It aims to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by optimizing inventory levels. In addition, supply chain interactions and continuous improvement efforts are also important tasks of our planning department.

Pattern and Sampling

Acting with the awareness that the starting point of the correct production is the pattern and sampling room, our company manages the pre-production processes with the latest technology software in an area of approximately 1200 m²

Our sampling department, which has a monthly production capacity of 3000 – 3500 pieces samples with 45 people, works on a wide variety of knitted products with our well-equipped and experienced team.

Cutting Department

10 layout tables, 8 automatic layout machines, and 4 automatic cutters connected to the Gerber system are used in our cutting department with a daily capacity of 30,000-50,000 units. Each batch that is cut passes through 100% sorting.


Gelisim Tekstil has a daily average capacity of 35.000 with 22 sewing lines in its internal structure. We are working to offer the best quality to our customers with our latest tech machinery and automats. We have a production system that constantly renews itself and its machine inventory by following the developing technology with an expert team.

Ironing, Packing and Shipment

Inline quality control, ironing, final, 100% measurement and optical controls are carried out on all finished products. The products are packaged, boxed, and labeled according to the requests of our customers and made ready for shipment. At this point, all packaged products are passed through the metal detector and scan & pack system, approved and shipped after the final inspection done by our quality assurance department.

Embroidery & Print

As Gelisim Tekstil, we are experiencing the advantages of having embroidery and printing departments within our organization. These departments, where creativity and innovation play an important role, follow the latest developments in the sector and create their works with an artistic approach. Both of these departments have received awards in many different categories for 3 years in a row in competitions organized by Impressions Magazine in the USA. They have the technology and capacity to apply many different techniques to be used on our products. They have also been audited, approved and certified by BSCI and various customers.

Our embroidery department serves a wide variety of techniques, with 10 Barudan latest technology embroidery machines, 6 of which are 24 heads, a total of 222 heads, and experienced staff. It also has 2 cold cutting presses, 1 sample, and 1 lamination machine. It has a monthly capacity of approximately 1 million pieces.


Our Print department has 1 sample, 2 pieces 44 pallets/20 colors, 4 pieces 36 pallets/16 colors, 2 pieces 20 pallets/8 colors, and 2 pieces 14 pallets/10 colors in total 11 latest technology printing machines and 10 robotic collective arms. Our company can make many kinds of printing qualities such as plastic, puff, water-based, CMYK, high density etc. Our monthly capacity is around 900.000 pieces.


Established in 2009, we offer our customers the most suitable options in terms of quality, price, and delivery date by increasing our capacity with our Adıyaman factory. We maintain all the standards that constitute the corporate consciousness, company culture, and quality understanding of Gelişim Tekstil with the same understanding in our Adıyaman factory.

We are producing with our 15 sewing lines, ironing and finishing departments in a indoor space of 13.000 m2 in our new factory building, which was completed at the end of 2022. Our daily capacity is 20,000-25,000 pieces.

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