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The design team is one of our exclusive departments that adds value to our company with its innovative ideas and creative works while realizing its goals in line with the mission and vision of our company.

Our experienced team always keeps themselves up to date by following fashion trends and developments in the sector with their observations in Turkey and abroad. With the support and approval of the Ministry of Industry, our design department has been conducting innovative studies as a Design Center since 2018, collaborating with industry and universities, and taking part in national and international projects.


We are doing digital collections, fits, protos and SMS works today with our 3D team, which we established in 2018. While actively using this technology with the Browzwear – Vstitcher program and our experienced 3D designers, we also support our sustainability policy by reducing sms and physical samples by 50%.

R & D

Our R&D department is led by a team focused on continuous innovation and development. Our innovation processes are based on interdisciplinary collaboration and sensitivity to technological trends. We aim to produce sustainable solutions through a cycle that includes problem definition, design, prototyping, and testing.

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